#BookReview: Blind Side by Jennie Ensor

blind sideAbout the Book

Can you ever truly know someone? And what if you suspect the unthinkable?

London, 2005. Georgie is attracted to Nikolai, a volatile ex-soldier she meets in a pub. Despite her friend Julian’s warnings, she’s tempted to risk everything. Then she begins to suspect that the Russian is hiding something terrible from her…

BLIND SIDE explores love and friendship, guilt and betrayal, secrets and sexual obsession. A shiver-inducing psychological mystery for fans of quality psychological suspense such as Louise Doughty’s Apple Tree Yard.

My Review

Thrillers have been intriguing me more and more lately, and I was looking forward to reading the debut from Jennie Ensor. The first couple chapters had me pretty curious about the story, but somewhere after chapter six or so my interest started to waver just slightly. Georgie was a little hard to connect to, and the attraction with Nikolai came off a little forced at first. I am glad I decided to stick with it though, because the ending was incredibly suspenseful. I had no idea how the story would end, and the last few chapters were hard to put down. I will look forward to the next novel from Jennie Ensor.

3.5 stars  

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