#BookReview: Gone Without a Trace by Mary Torjussen

gone without a traceSummary:

A jaw-dropping novel of psychological suspense that asks, If the love of your life disappeared without a trace, how far would you go to find out why?  
Hannah Monroe’s boyfriend, Matt, is gone. His belongings have disappeared from their house. Every call she ever made to him, every text she ever sent, every photo of him and any sign of him on social media have vanished. It’s as though their last four years together never happened.

As Hannah struggles to get through the next few days, with humiliation and recriminations whirring through her head, she knows that she’ll do whatever it takes to find him again and get answers. But as soon as her search starts, she realizes she is being led into a maze of madness and obsession. Step by suspenseful step, Hannah discovers her only way out is to come face to face with the shocking truth…


Hmm. This one was …interesting. Intense at moments, definitely jaw-dropping at times. At first I thought I would totally love this book. Twisty, suspenseful, filled with manipulation and betrayal…but once the actual twist came, I actually was a little let down. I’ll try to write this without giving it away, but I felt kind of duped as a reader. I started to catch the little clues here and there, but it was over halfway through the book and pretty close to the twist being revealed that I felt that they were there, so I felt…just a bit duped. It was still really interesting, very good writing, but the character development I think was lacking a bit and maybe because of such a big plot twist and the many details surrounding that. I enjoy psychological thrillers and that feeling of seeing everything out there and connecting the dots, but with this one I felt a little let down at the end.

3 stars

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