#BookReview: Indiscretion by Hannah Fielding

Reviewer: Emma

indiscretion hannah fieldingI received a review copy


Alexandra De Falla is living a luxorious, but monotonous life in London, England when she gets a surprise visit from her father she hasn’t seen in years. He comes with a request from her grandmother, to finally visit Spain and discover her spanish roots. At first, Alexandra is hesitant to visit this place where her mother ran from so many years ago. But, after deciding that a little bit of adventure wouldn’t hurt, she packs her bags and heads to Andalucia Spain. 


Upon arriving at the estate, she knows that her stay will be very different from her life back in England. She steps into a world of passion, greed, gypsies, bull-fighting and intense emotions and romance. Her life in Spain is anything but ordinary. Follow Alexandra as she steps in a new culture and way of life, finding herself as she pushes past her comfort zone.




I LOVED this book until I got near the end. The writing is fantastic – so detailed and poetic. The setting is described beautifully and the research of history done for this book is evident. The characters were well developed and the relationships felt real. My favorite part of the novel was definitely reading about Andalucia and the different aspects of their culture, especially since the book was set in 1950. 


As I neared the end, I wanted Alexandra to resolve her conflict with another character, and the author continued to have them chase each other. It became a bit exhausting to read. The ending was agreeable, but I thought it was too “easy”. If I had rated this book about 300 pages in, I would have given it 5 stars, but after finishing, I would give it 4. 


Read this book purely for the history of Spain and the description of culture! I would and have recommended this to a friend. 

4 stars

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