#BookReview: Mother Trucker by Robyn Mitchell

Reviewer: Christy

I received a review copy

mother truckerSummary:

Out of necessity Shelby Matthews, a beautiful, blonde mother of three grown children becomes an eighteen-wheel truck driver, finding out that leering eyes and cat-calls from the men aren’t as dangerous as the vindictive and territorial behavior of a female co-worker, Betty Burton.

On her first hauling job Shelby has an unexpected encounter, and finds herself the target of unwarranted revenge. As the threats quickly escalate into sabotage on her marriage and attempts on her life, including impending death from the cliffs of some of Utah’s highest mountains, the dangers of being a woman on the road emerge, will Shelby prove to be a true-blue, red-blooded American, Mother Trucker?


Shelby Matthews is the mother of three grown children and happily married to her husband. Due to unforeseen circumstances, she finds herself in a place in life looking for something more – more financial stability, more adventure. When a chance encounter with a truck at the local convenience store and meeting up with a long lost girlfriend who is now a trucker gives her a new perspective,  Shelby decides to go on the road.

Shelby really enjoys her new career – she’s making new friends and has fun with the male truckers, but she just can’t get past her horrible co-worker, Betty. Betty is vindictive, catty, and just an all-around jealous person. When pretty Shelby shows up, Betty is determined to derail her success as a trucker.

“Mother Trucker” is about Shelby’s new life on the road, dealing with setbacks, being framed by someone whom she barely knows, and learning to depend on other strangers to help her out. The tension between Shelby and Betty is so thick, it makes for an interesting storyline. A few plots, twists and surprises kept me intrigued.

3.5 Stars

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