#BookReview: Swimsuit Body by Eileen Goudge

Reviewer: Samantha

I received a review copy

swimsuit bodySummary:

With a Hollywood movie about to start filming in the California seaside town of Cypress Bay, Tish Ballard, owner of Rest Easy Property Management, welcomes her first celebrity tenant. Delilah Ward isn’t your typical beautiful, spoiled actress; she’s America’s sweetheart. Even Tish is charmed by the young star, which makes her gruesome discovery of Delilah’s bloodied corpse all the more gut-wrenching.

When someone near and dear to Tish is named a person of interest, the fearless property manager defies the wishes of her former heartthrob, homicide detective Spence Breedlove, and launches her own investigation—with help from her best friend, Ivy, and her erstwhile sidekick, McGee. But no sooner than she starts rubbing elbows with the movie cast and crew—including Delilah’s eerily efficient personal assistant, the starlet’s sexy costar, and the film’s predatory director—is her own life threatened. With so much at stake, Tish has no choice but to do whatever it takes to lure a crafty killer out of hiding.

Swimsuit Body is the 2nd novel in the Cypress Bay Mysteries, which began with Bones and Roses, but the books can be read and enjoyed in any order.


Mysteries are some of my favorite to read, and while I didn’t read the first book in this series, I didn’t hesitate to say yes to this book! California, celebrities, and a mysterious death – yep, I was into this novel from page one! I didn’t really bother me that I hadn’t read book one. I could tell I was missing more detailed back stories from time to time, but nothing that left me feeling shortened in this book. As for the actual story, it was fast-paced, full of plot twists and the ending had me like WHAAAAT?! I did not see that coming, but it made me enjoy this mystery so much more. I definitely want to read book one in the series and I look forward to more!

5 stars

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