#BookReview: The Husband Who Refused to Die by Andrea Darby

the husband who refused to dieThe Husband Who Refused to Die by Andrea Darby seemed too thought-provoking to let pass by. We follow Carrie, who is widowed after her husband Dan unexpectedly passes away at a fairly young age. Before his death, Dan made the decision to have his body frozen after he dies, in hopes of one day science being advanced enough to be able to bring him back. Carrie struggles with not only the death of her husband and now being a single mom, but the thought that her husband isn’t truly gone. Two years after Dan’s death, Carrie is trying to get back in the dating world, keep her trying teenager happy, and simply find happiness again. But another roadblock is in the way when a newspaper features Dan’s death and his decision and also the cost of what his decision was. Suddenly Carrie is dealing with threatening letters and vandalism – and an even more distressing revelation about her husband’s past.

This was definitely a thought-provoking read, just like I had anticipated. It was interesting to learn about a process that I hadn’t really heard of much until reading this, but it of course has a lot more. The relationships inside the book were interesting to read about, with Carrie’s daughter, sister-in-law, and also the romances. The ending was a little surprising to me on several levels, but it also made me quite happy. Andrea Darby is clearly a strong writer and The Husband Who Refused to Die was a book that had me talking to others about the story inside.

4 stars

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