#BookReview: The Psychic by Mary A. Ellenton

the psychicAbout the Book

How could two women’s fates become tragically entwined by a casual chance meeting at a grief support group? And how could just one curious visit to a psychic seem to set off a series of life changing events?  Recently widowed Joan Bruno finds out firsthand when she meets with the mysterious and gifted psychic, Mrs. Habbibi.

The Psychic delivers a shivery dose of psychological suspense as it delves into the realms of grief, betrayal and hope with delicious intrigue.


This book was super interesting, right from the beginning. I was so intrigued at the concept behind The Psychic and quickly read this book in less than two days. Some parts got a little hard to follow because of the multiple identities, but I tried my best to keep up with all the characters. This is definitely a story that will keep you on your toes and keep you guessing throughout, and I really enjoyed it. Very well-written and entertaining.

4 stars

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