#BookReview: The Ten Year Reunion by TS Krupa

Reviewer: Samantha

the ten year reunionThe Ten Year Reunion by TS Krupa promises to be a novel that will give you the feels. We start off meeting our main character Danielle “Dani” Jackson, and seeing her busy life as a pediatric surgeon in Boston. Her ten year reunion at Coastal State University is looming, and Dani doesn’t prefer to go as her college years seem to hold too many sad memories. At the persistence of her long-time friend Addie, Dani reunites with her university and other college bestie Callie.

From there, the story switches focus and brings us back to the past. We learn how Dani defied her father by choosing Coastal State University instead of his alma mater, and how hard she worked in school to still go on and become a doctor to make her parents proud. We see her love life and the constant back and forth with the bad boy Jake. We see how she becomes friends with Addie, Callie and her roommate Sarah. We get moments from each of Dani’s four years at college, from the good to the bad to the ugly. There is the big plot point of her roommate Sarah’s death, how she died, Dani’s role in it, and how each of the friends reacted to a death. The story ends back at the reunion, and lets us see on how not only Dani’s story might play out, but also Addie and Callie as well.

I was incredibly moved by The Ten Year Reunion by TS Krupa. When writing my description of the book, I found myself wanting to write so much more because even though I finished reading this several days ago, the story line is still so strong and vivid in my mind. There are some incredibly impactful moments, parts that brought me to tears, and heartwarming scenes. Easily a five star review for me, and one I truly hope you will read.

5 stars

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