CLP Blog Tours Cover Reveal Sign Up: Bound to You by Skylar Nightingale

Title: Bound to You

Author: Skylar Nightingale 

Genre: New Adult Romance 

Features Available: Cover Reveal

Tour Date: March 15

cover revealAbout the Book

Dear Nina,

Ever since I met you back stage at my concert, you penetrated my heart, and there was no turning back.

Despite the fact that you told me you had a boyfriend, I still wanted you to be in my life, so I asked if we could remain friends. Unfortunately, he shattered your world forever when you caught him cheating on you. Although broken, I vowed to comfort you through it all.

Your beauty’s so profound, inside and out, I wanted you to be in my music video. I was pleasantly surprised when you agreed to do it. During that time, our relationship grew, and I knew I wanted you in my life forever. Then you pulled away repeatedly, allowing the fear of getting hurt again to engulf you.

Now, I’m damaged and alone, and don’t know how much more my heart can take. I need to know, are you going to keep me in your life or avoid another broken heart and run?

I hope you choose me because I’m Bound to You.

Love always,

Terry Rayborn

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