CLP Blog Tours Sign Up: Modern Love by Beau North

Title: Modern Love

Author: Beau North

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Novella 

Features Available: Review, Q&A, Guest Post & Excerpt 

Review Formats Available: Kindle, ePub, PDF

Tour Timeframe:  July-August

modern loveSynopsis: 

Love at first sight wasn’t meant for millennials. So thinks Alice Aberdeen—art student, recovering addict, David Bowie enthusiast. Alice is among the recently dumped, and just wants to keep her nose down until she finishes her degree. Her sister Emma has other ideas, and sets her up with new-in-town Warinder “Will”  Murphy- tall, dark, and aloof. To say it wasn’t love at first sight is an overstatement. He finds her too abrasive, with her sharp tongue and a don’t-screw-with-me attitude. She thinks he’s too reserved, too damn serious. But the more time Alice spends with Will, the more their slow burn begins to thaw her heart. A man of two worlds, half-Irish, half-Indian Will Murphy only feels at home when he’s with Alice. He soon realizes that her tough shell is hiding a lot of scar tissue, from her trials with addiction and recovery, to her spectacularly bad ex-girlfriend Jamie, to the loss of her mother. Modern Love isn’t a story about love at first sight, it’s about learning to love yourself before being able to see the one you love.

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