New Book Releases: April 2016

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New Releases – April 2016

Lies and Other Acts of Love by Kristy Woodson HarveyLies and Other Acts of Love by Kristy Woodson Harvey – April 5, 2016, Annabelle prides herself on telling the truth, and disagrees with her Grandmother Lovey’s policy of telling white lies when it “helps.” For someone who always does the right thing, even a white lie is unacceptable. Out of the blue, Annabelle dumps her picture-perfect-hedge-fund-manager fiancé and marries a musician, Ben, whom she’s known for three days. Suddenly everyone in Annabelle’s family is telling white lies. Or have they been telling lies all along? While Lovey is taking care of her sick husband, her world falls apart and Annabelle must decide if telling your loved ones a lie is an act of love or betrayal.

some womenSome Women by Emily Liebert – April 5, 2016. Three women form an unlikely friendship just when each of them desperately needs it. Mackenzie is going to inherit a media conglomerate – if she can manage to keep working for her mother in law, a rather eccentric woman. It doesn’t help that Mackenzie no longer loves the woman’s son. Piper is a single mom raising her daughter, Fern, while working as a crime reporter. Her life turns upside down when Fern’s long-lost-dad shows up. Piper must use her reporting skills to find out why. And then there’s Annabelle, the mother of twins boys who seemingly has it all. That is until her husband of ten years walks out of their life, without warning. With lives in turmoil like this, I’d say the ladies definitely need a friend.

the winemakersThe Winemakers: A Novel of Wine and Secrets by Jan Moran – April 5, 2016.  Caterina dreams of making wine alongside her mother at their family’s California vineyard. Her mother is one tough cookie and she has no intention of handing the reins over to her daughter. Not yet. Caterina’s unexpected pregnancy, discovered after the love of her life leaves her, is surely not going to make her mom happy. Then fate steps in, in the form of an unexpected inheritance from a grandmother she never knew. Caterina’s receives a cottage in Italian countryside, which gives her the opportunity to start over. In Italy, she learns about the father she never knew and discovers secrets that could destroy her family. What if her own happiness depends on revealing the secrets of her mother’s buried past? What price is she willing to pay for her own happy ending?

Island in the Sea by Anita HughesIsland in the Sea by Anita Hughes – April 12, 2016. Nobody can transport a reader like Anita Hughes. In her latest novel, we get to experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of Majorca, Spain. Juliet Lyman is a top record executive who’s been sent to Majorca to get some lyrics from the record label’s top songwriter, Lionel Harding – that her company has already paid for . Unfortunately, Lionel is experiencing writer’s block. Juliet’s boss, Gideon, orders her to stay in Majorca until she has a song in hand. Juliet’s a woman who compartmentalizes her life and she has little patience for Lionel, who oozes emotion and talks non-stop about love. She just wants his lyrics. While there, Juliet meets a woman, Gabriella, who has the voice of an angel and tries to sign her to a record deal. Problem is Gabriella doesn’t want fame and fortune. Her grandmother, however, wants the world for Gabriella and urges Juliet not to give up. Suddenly Juliet, who’s in a foreign land, is unable to get people to do what she wants, And she’s starting to feel some things, like love and friendship, and those emotions make her job hard to do well.

The Year We Turned Forty by Liz Fenton and Lisa SteinkeThe Year We Turned Forty by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke – April 26, 2016. If you could repeat one year of your life, what would you do differently? When she was forty, Jesse had a one night stand that resulted in the conception of her son Lucas. At first she didn’t confide the truth to her husband – who loved the boy from the start. But eventually it did come out and the two divorced. When Gabriella was forty, she was too busy writing best-selling novels to have a baby, which she now regrets. And Claire’s life was so full of messy complications, due to dealing with her rebellious teenage daughter. She paid little attention to the man she loved – and he got away. Now the three women get the “chance” to go back and fix their mistakes, but what will that do to the futures?


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