New Book Releases: March 2016

Contributor: Allie

New Releases March 2016

Regrets Only by M.J. PullenRegrets Only by M.J. Pullen – March 1, 2016. Suzanne Hamilton is an event planner who lives in Atlanta and has landed a huge event that will put her in a league of her own. With a long list of admirers, Suzanne’s private life is a lot of fun. She prides herself on living her life with no regrets. All is good until Suzanne has a freak accident and her life begins to unravel. In the midst of all this her biggest celebrity client, country music superstar Dylan Burke, asks her to plan his sister’s wedding. The wedding brings past mistakes back to haunt her, causing Suzanne to wonder if maybe she does have regrets after all.

The Promise of ForgivenessThe Promise of Forgiveness by Marin Thomas – March 1, 2016. Thomas is a popular author of western romances who’s making the leap to women’s fiction with this tale of forgiveness. Ruby Baxter is a thirty-one year old woman who hasn’t had it easy. She’s the mother of a rebellious fourteen year old girl, Mia. Ruby’s terrified that Mia will make the same mistakes she did, so she’s moved them to Kansas to keep her out of trouble. In Kansas, Ruby meets her biological father, Hank McAllister, who she didn’t even know existed. Hank is emotionally distant and full of grand ideas – one of which includes leaving his ranch to Ruby. Ruby’s not thrilled about it, or ready to forgive her old man, but he does have a way with Mia. To help her daughter, Ruby decides to stay. There’s also a handsome rancher who’s caught her eye – all the more reason for her to try and make things work.

Somewhere Out There by Amy HatvanySomewhere Out There by Amy Hatvany – March 1, 2016. Hatvany’s latest novel has been described as gripping and proactive. How do our early experiences – the subtle and traumatic – define us as adults? Natalie Clark has never asked her adoptive mother about her birth parents. After her daughter starts to ask questions for a family project at school, Natalie decides it time to find out where she came from. Her biological sister, Brooke, wasn’t so lucky. Brook grew up “in the system” and never had a real family. Now pregnant and unmarried, she has grave doubts about her ability to raise a child. But after what happened to her, how can she give up her own child? After Brook’s reunited with Natalie, the sisters try to find the woman who gave them up to ask her why.

the total packageThe Total Package by Stephanie Evanovich – March 15, 2016. I love me a football story! Tyson Palmer is a star NFL quarter back who’s fresh out of rehab and trying to prove that his best years aren’t behind him. Dani Carr is a blonde bombshell sports analyst who’s on her way up at her network. Dani’s not buying Tyson “reformed bad boy” act – and has trouble hiding her personal disdain for him when she’s on the air. Despite his best efforts, Tyson’s unable to charm her – and can’t understand why she hates him so much. Well, Dani and Tyson had a thing in college but he doesn’t remember it, or her. Uh-oh, this could get interesting!

The Charm Bracelet by Viola ShipmanThe Charm Bracelet by Viola Shipman – March 22, 2016. As the owner of a charm bracelet I adore the title of this book, and how it’s used as a plot element. This debut novel is about three generations of women. Arden is a single mom working hard at a digital woman’s magazine in Chicago, trying to put her daughter, Lauren, through college. Arden’s mother, Lolly, live in a small town on Lake Michigan. Lolly’s lonely and writes to Arden, asking her to come visit. Arden decides to take road trip with Lauren to Michigan. Soon after their arrival, Arden and Lauren realize that Lolly is starting to loose her memory and they worry about her future. Lolly’s not worried; all she wants to do is tell stories about the charms on her bracelet. Each charm represents a precious memory. What is Lolly trying to tell her daughter and granddaughter?

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