#NewRelease: Yoga’s Healing Power by Ally Hamilton

yoga's healing powerAbout the Book

Join popular teacher and blogger Ally Hamilton as she explores the eight limbs of yoga practice that are integral to the healing process. Facing yourself and doing the work to heal takes bravery and strength, but it’s absolutely possible. Yoga’s Healing Power shows you how to overcome patterns that aren’t serving you and find sustained peace.

Physical poses, seated meditation, and breathwork are the best-known aspects of yoga, but in the eight limbs practice, healing comes through a more holistic approach that takes into account ways we relate to ourselves and the world, discernment, clear seeing, and obstacles that block our path. Sharing step-by-step instructions and inspiring stories of healing, this book helps you tap into your own intuition, uncover your particular gifts, and begin to experience joy.

Ally’s tips include:

  •      how to apply the ancient practice of yoga to your busy, modern life in powerful and practical ways
  •      how to educate yourself about what’s in your food, so your body gets the right kind of fuel
  •      how to improve your relationship with yourself
  •      how to reduce the need for prescribed drugs by using the natural healers of food, yoga, and meditation
  •      how to boost your mental health by purging yourself of negative feelings toward yourself or others
  •      how to stop repeating patterns that bring you heartache
  •      how to prioritize joy, gratitude, and love, and create more space in each day for all of these.                                                           Ally connects daily with yogis all around the world via her online yoga classes on yogisanonymous.com. Yoga’s Healing Power is a wonderful reminder for any reader that loving and caring for yourself is essential in order to find your inner peace. Hamilton shares helpful meditation exercises, journaling, and personal experiences to help us learn from her mistakes. It is the perfect read for anyone looking to learn how to incorporate yoga, clean-eating, and self-reflection into a busy schedule for a healthier and happier life.
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