On Tour: Lotus by Kay Smith

lotus kay smithKay Smith will be on tour October 19-26 with her novel Lotus

Newlywed Lotus Price has everything that she should have ever wanted: a great husband and a dream job as an executive of a prominent Chicago philanthropic foundation. Her life is going exactly as she planned—until she discovers she is pregnant and then unexpectedly encounters her first love. Despite his offer to be friends, Lotus wants to keep the past where it belongs. As the pregnancy begins to interrupt the dream that Lotus envisioned for her marriage, she is forced to rethink everything she thought she knew about her path to this point, including the single day that led her to her husband and away from the man she saw herself spending forever with. Now, as long-buried scars resurface, only time will tell what direction Lotus will take in the future—and who will be willing to give up what they have in order to get what they have always desired?

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kay smithBio:
Kay W. Smith is a writer and blogger living in Chicago, Illinois with her husband and two sons.    She worked in public policy for several years before pursuing her passion to write full-time.  She is a graduate of Spelman College and the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy.

Amazon Purchase Link: http://www.amazon.com/Lotus-Kay-W-Smith/dp/1483434133


GOODREADS:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25911512-lotus#other_reviews





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