Book Review: The Bad Girls Club by Kathryn O’Halloran

The Bad Girls ClubI received a copy of The Bad Girls Club by Kathryn O’Halloran in exchange for an honest review.

When three women are seated together randomly at a wedding, they don’t know yet what fate has in store for them. With nothing in common but dissatisfaction with their lives and resentment toward the beautiful bride, Poppy, they are brought together by a risque prank. Together Imogen, Juliette and Beth decide to form the Bad Girls Club. They put into play a few simple rules – and each girl must complete a dare that takes them out of their comfort zones. Imogen flutters with danger as she dares to have the one man that she shouldn’t. Juliette has a complete transformation. And Beth enjoys being in control and being a bad girl. Are they ready to finally take the leap and become bad girls forever?

I had so much fun reading The Bad Girls Club! When Kathryn originally contacted me, she mentioned that her book was a cross between Sex and the City and the Fifty Shades franchise, and she hit it spot on. This book is hilarious and has some really great scenes that will leave you laughing out loud long after you’ve finished reading the lines. I think Kathryn did such an amazing and fun job creating such great female characters that form such a wonderful bond with one another. These gals are a riot and I loved their friendship! Overall, this book is really fun and I think that any gal looking for a fun and slightly raunchy read will definitely enjoy this book!

 4 stars

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