#BookReview: Exit Row by Judi Culbertson

Reviewer: Emma

I received a review copy

exit rowSummary:

Judi Culbertson returns with a page-turning mystery that answers every frequent flyer’s fear: What happens if I never make it home?

Journalist Fiona Reina had every intention of picking up her boyfriend, Lee, from the airport and heading out for a nice dinner together. But when Lee isn’t on the plane, Fiona begins to get nervous. It seems Lee isn’t the only passenger who never arrived. Three other people are also missing. Worse, it seems they were never on the flight.

With no help from the airline, it’s up to Fiona and the friends and family of the missing passengers to discover what happened—and, more importantly, to find Lee. But when Fiona receives a mysterious note—It happened in between Denver and Taos—the patchwork team is thrust into a dangerous race against time…a race that could cost them more than who they’ve already lost.


The premise of this book immediately grabbed my attention! A passenger who never arrives? So intriguing! The book immediately starts by jumping into the action. Fiona arrives at the airport to pick up her new fiancé Lee so they can celebrate at a nice dinner. She soon realizes that he is not getting off the plane. As she looks around her, others are waiting for their loved ones as well, and they never arrive either.

Fiona goes on a crazy, eventful, suspenseful journey to find out what really happened to Lee and the plane between Denver and Taos. Did Lee decide he wanted to end their relationship and never come home, or did something really terrible happen? And why are all of the other people missing from the plane as well?

This book had me hooked. I really enjoyed the relationships she creates with the others looking for their missing family. Each story is unique, and kept me interested throughout the book. One of my favorite parts of this book was that I wasn’t able to figure the mystery out on my own. Too many times mystery novels are simple to crack and predictable, but this one kept me guessing till the end.

I really enjoyed this book. I am giving it three stars because some of the events in the story seemed very far-fetched, and I am still not sure I really ever understood the motives of the big reveal at the end. Overall, it was a fun read that keep me engaged.

3 stars

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