#BookReview : Love, Alba by Sophy Burnham

Reviewer: Kate

I received a copy of Love, Alba by Sophy Burnham in exchange for an honest review.

love albaSynopsis:
Love! Romance! High society! Art Theft-all told by the wise and witty, little cat Alba, who has her own feline affairs. Lorna, now over 60, has just fallen horribly, head-over heels in love-with a younger man; and worse, he’s involved with her best friend, Nikki, and now Nikki, an art conservator, is caught up in international art theft, prison, and other events of everyday life in Washington, D. C. Underneath this light-hearted romp lie serious issues of aging, sexual desire, friendship, sacrifice, and glimpses into the spiritual realm for which Sophy Burnham, the visionary behind the angels phenomenon, is best known. As with her other bestsellers, just reading this inspiring book leaves you happy.

Love, Alba is a fun romp through the animal mind, cat and human alike. Author Sophy Burnam takes a humorous path to discuss some of the most serious of human emotions, fear, loneliness, doubt and love—through the beautiful, narcissistic eyes of Alba the cat.

Alba is the perfect foil for all of the crazy antics going on around her. Most likely women readers will recognize themselves somewhere between page 1 and the end, as the bulk of the book is about the insecurities of women as we age. But there are also some great barbs for men too. The urban backdrop of Washington DC adds an additional layer of lonesome to the desperate scene of middle-aged singledom. I use the term middle aged here very broadly, as almost all of the characters ranging from 35 to 65 (with the exception of one spry 94-year-old) can quite easily be lumped in that category; and that is the point. The characters all have similar desires and fears regardless of the thirty years or so that separate them, and none are anywhere near ready to wave the white flag at life.
This is a comedy in so many ways, and like any good comedy it has the power to hold up a mirror to you and tempt you to look honestly at yourself. In this I love this book. I feel the energy in a different way after reading this book—Alba will explain.

In these last days of summer, this is the perfect curl up and relax book. A little bit of heavy seriousness cushioned in a whole lot of laughter light.

Rating: 4 Stars

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