#BookReview: Ms. Communications By Myra Kendrix

Reviewer: Allie

I received a review copy

Ms. CommunicationsSummary:

Gwen Mongan is a thirty-three-year-old Marketing Communications executive in an innovative startup. Besides her exciting career and dream home, former social worker Gwen’s life is full with great friends, community service, and a passion for matchmaking. The only problem is her boss: the impossibly demanding and maddeningly charismatic hi-tech superstar, Jake Folton. When Jake goes too far, Gwen thinks it’s time to look for a new job. But Gwen soon discovers it’s going to take more spunk and ingenuity than she knew she possessed to get away from a guy who doesn’t take no for an answer. In fact, it’s going to turn her tidy existence upside-down. Can a racehorse named Purple Lemonade, a deadly Funnel-Web Spider, and a dubious Bachelor-of-the-Year contest finally show Gwen that some people are not what they seem and some risks are worth taking?


I really enjoyed this book. Gwen was an interesting woman to get to know and it was fun to get a peek into the corporate world of the tech industry. I also loved the setting, Sydney, Australia. Kendrix has a knack for dialogue and the plot moved along quickly, although sometimes too quickly. There were a few instances were the reader is told about something that had happened, and I would have preferred to have been shown. The dynamic between Gwen and Jake was energetic, they definitely had chemistry. There were so many fun scenes in the book, I was often enthralled with the story. There’s also an interesting subplot about matchmaking. The ending was satisfying, but there were a few loose ends. With a sequel to the book in the works, I’m certain I’ll get some answers.

4 stars

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