#BookReview: Paper Dolls by Hanna Peach

Reviewer: Samantha

paper dollsHanna Peach brings readers a twisting, psychological thriller with the memorable Paper Dolls. Eighteen year old Aria seems to be a normal girl. She works a regular job, she has a regular boyfriend, Clay. But we quickly learn not everything is as it seems, when her twin sister Salem makes an appearance back in her life. We begin to learn about the horrific past, the abuse that Salem endured, the decisions her and Aria were forced to make. But Salem hates Clay, and Aria begins to learn that both her boyfriend and her twin are hiding something from her…something that could destroy her.

The prologue was a terrific way to pull readers in. We get the action right away, and it leaves us with so many questions as we begin the story. When I first began reading, my initial thoughts were it was just too much. It was too dark and too suspenseful and too … everything. There were simply no light moments and I wondered what could possibly become of this story. I felt myself starting to lose touch, but curiosity kept me reading…

And then came the ending. I repeat: and then came the ending. And it did become worth it. There was a twist that I never predicated, plenty of gasp out loud and bring a tear to your eye scenes, and the last few pages were particularly moving. Paper Dolls from Hanna Peach will have readers reeling from the mind games, wanting to re-read this book again, and give you goosebumps at the final outcome.

4 stars

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