#BookReview: The Rocks by Peter Nichols

Reviewer: Terry

The Rocks by Peter NicholsI received a review copy

An intense read of the tangled lives and failed romances of not just Gerald and Lulu; but also their children Luc and Aegina (not related) in a small Mediterranean village, Mallorca. But more than a love story, The Rocks is a story of mystery and failed communication, as well as sordid affairs. The books moves forward and backward in time as the story progress, often taking one back 50-60 years to fully share the story of how things came to be in present time.

Gerald lived a fascinating life in his youth, long after which left a story he was able to write and publish to share with others. A story of which he shared his adventures at sea and his mission to discover the route of which Homer may have used in book The Odyssey. Long after he sailed the Mediterranean seas Gerald was still living in the town Mallorca where he discovered Lulu. However he was no longer a part of Lulu’s life and had in fact remarried and eventually buried his second wife, the mother of his daughter Aegina.

Lulu was ever the life of the party late into live and the constant host of the many visitors to her small hotel that resided in Mallorca at The Rocks. Lulu too never seemed to have completely moved on from her failed marriage to Gerald and instead moved from man to man, without ever intending settle down. Her son Luc a constant visitor who never really felt that he belonged in his mother’s life.

All in all Gerald, Lulu, Luc and Aegina seemed to never completely connect in life only merely to cross paths over and over again throughout the years. Their story leaves you wondering what could have been had things not gone so badly.

This was an intense read that I truly enjoyed and did not want to put down, it’s brutal and honest and will stay with you long after you have finished.

4.5 stars

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