#BookReview: Trapped at the Altar by Jane Feather

Reviewer: Kate

trapped at the altarI received a copy of Trapped at the Altar by Jane Feather in exchange for an honest review.

Star crossed lovers or simply a silly young maiden? When Ariadne falls for poet Gabriel Fawcett she knows the relationship is destined for a bitter end. Ariadne, heiress to the ill-gotten Catholic Fairfax fortune, and Ivan, a distant cousin and heir to the Protestant Chalfont fortune, are fated to be married—much to Ariadne’s dismay. The grandparents of the two decide to heal the religious rift in the family and finagle a better political position in the royal court, taking the choice out of both their hands. But Ari holds out hope that she will be able to decide her life for herself, and define a love of her own.

As much as I love romance drama, much of Ari’s heartache is caused by her own foolish notions of freedom as heir, even though she is a woman in a time when women own nothing. Ari can’t see until it is almost too late (and the very last page of the book) that Ivan is the leading man women swoon over (even this woman). The story never quite fully develops and the ending is rushed. An enjoyable read, but one that might leave you wanting a bit more.

3 stars

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