The Break-Up Test by Rose McClelland

The Break-Up Test by Rose McClelland is a sweet, heartwarming story about love and its many faces. The story introduces us to the three main characters early on: Amy, Beth, and Sarah. All three are good looking, smart, kind, and intelligent women with one thing in common – rotten taste in men. They each have their own story and problem to deal with. Amy is strictly used as a booty-call. Beth is desperate. And Sarah is sleeping with a committed man – kind of. Upon hearing about their disastrous dating lives, mutual friend Jamie creates a list of items called “The Break-Up Test” that he feels will bring three girls better success with love. Will they clean up their acts? Will The Break-Up Test cure their dating woes? Only time will tell, but many dating adventures await them in the mean time.

I absolutely adored The Break-Up Test and found it endearingly heartfelt. The writing was witty and humorous and I thought that Rose McClelland created very realistic dating scenarios that many women (and some men) deal with on a daily basis- now if only we all had someone like Jamie come along and cure our dating woes. Speaking of Jamie, he was by far my favorite character. I found him sweet and charming … a modern day Romeo and I absolutely loved the way Rose handled his love interest. Overall, the story is sweet and I really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a light read with some humor.

[Rating: 4/5]

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