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Reviewer: Annie

deadly bloodlinesI received a review copy


A serial killer determined to repeat a murderous pattern that started twenty years ago.

Years after leaving Cayman because of her notorious serial killer mother, Angel Mason returns as an inspector on the police force. On the twentieth anniversary of her mother’s capture, someone is murdered in the same manner as her mother’s victims.

To complicate matters more, Angel’s old flame, Bren McDougal, is assigned to help her with capturing the killer, and it’s soon undeniably clear that the passion between them is hotter than ever.

As the killer repeats her mother’s deadly pattern, Angel must face the terrifying truth she’s been hiding for twenty years.


Elke Feuer created a character that was undeniably having a very difficult life, as a child and even now, as an adult about to turn 30.  Angel Mason is a very strong female, carrying serious baggage her entire life.  Her mother, Meredith Mason was a convicted Serial Killer in Cayman; and sentenced to a prison in England because Cayman did not have the proper facilities for criminals with mental disorders.  Meredith was convicted and sent away when Angel was 10 years old.  Angel then went to live with her Aunt Maisy.  She never knew who her father was.  What this poor girl had to go through was beyond measure.

She grows in to a fine young lady, going off to Cambridge University and becoming a Constable.  She lives in London for a few years, but returns home shortly before the 20 year anniversary of her Mother’s Murder spree.

The murders are happening again, there is a copycat killer out there for blood.  Angel even wonders if she could be the killer….is she?  Is it in her bloodline to do this?  Can she ever love anyone?  Can she get close to anyone?

I wanted to hug this woman!  She needed a girlfriend.

I loved the cover of this book so much, and I kept reflecting back to that picture each time Angel was mentioned in the book…so, I referenced it a lot.

This book definitely kept me guessing, there were so many ways that this book could have turned out.  Elke Feuer definitely has a knack for murder mysteries…telling a love story and what can go on in the mind of someone that has mental instability going on.  There was a lot of factors in this book, that I think a lot of different readers would enjoy, From Murder, to Love, to Family, to Career…..she had it all in this neat little package.

4 stars

elke feuerAbout the Author:

Elke was born and raised on Grand Cayman and lives there with her husband and two kids who keep her on her toes.

When not writing, she’s helping other writers in Cayman through her organization CayWriters.

She stumbled into writing romantic suspense because of her fascination with serial killers, but writes other genres because characters keep telling her their stories and she’s a sucker for a crazy story.

What people are saying

“Elke Feuer skillfully keeps you guessing in this twisty-turny romantic suspense story about a Cayman investigator tracking a copycat killer–one imitating the crimes of her own serial-killer mother. Suspenseful and satisfying!” ~Francine LaSala, author of The Girl, the Gold Tooth & Everything

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  1. March 26, 2015 / 8:53 am

    Hi Annie,

    Thanks for the lovely review! I’m glad you enjoyed the book. Yes, Angel did have some serious baggage and was a challenge to write. Whew! Thankfully she got her happy ending.

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