#BookReview: The Witches of Cambridge by Menna Van Praag

Reviewer: Samantha

I received a review copy

the witches of cambridgeSummary:

Be careful what you wish for. If you’re a witch, you might just get it.

Amandine Bisset has always had the power to feel the emotions of those around her. It’s a secret she can share only with her friends—all professors, all witches—when they gather for the Cambridge University Society of Literature and Witchcraft. Amandine treasures these meetings but lately senses the ties among her colleagues beginning to unravel. If only she had her student Noa’s power to hear the innermost thoughts of others, she might know how to patch things up. Unfortunately, Noa regards her gift as a curse. So when a seductive artist claims he can cure her, Noa jumps at the chance, no matter the cost.

Noa’s not the only witch who’s in over her head. Mathematics professor Kat has a serious case of unrequited love but refuses to cast spells to win anyone’s heart. Kat’s sister, Cosima, is not above using magic to get what she wants, sprinkling pastries in her bakery with equal parts sugar and enchantment. But when Cosima sets her sights on Kat’s crush, she conjures up a dangerous love triangle.

As romance and longing swirl through every picturesque side street, the witches of Cambridge find their lives unexpectedly upended and changed in ways sometimes extraordinary, sometimes heartbreaking, but always enchanting.


I thought this book would be a perfect match for me, as I’m a huge fan of magical realism in my novels. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get past a slow beginning, and the book just sort of lagged the whole way through for me. The plot was interesting and I thought unique, but there were several plot points and characters to keep track of, each with a specific journey and story, and that got a tad overwhelming. The ending actually made me a little sad, though I did enjoy the baking and recipes that were mixed in along the way. Not totally my cup of tea, but surely others could enjoy.

3 stars

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