#Book Review: One Way Ticket by Melissa Baldwin and Kate O’Keeffe

one way ticketMelissa Baldwin and Kate O’Keeffe are two chick lit authors I’m very familiar with, so when I saw their names together on ONE WAY TICKET, you bet I got excited to read this. The blurb sounded promising, I loved the cover and from chapter one, I was happily engaged in this one. Addison Bloom meets Sabrina Monroe at the airport – in her wedding dress. Sabrina is the classic runaway bride, crawling out of a window to escape her wedding. Addison is still smarting from having made a huge life change for love and having that implode, and is coming back from yet another wedding for a friend. The two women meet and agree … to switch lives. Sure, that might seem a little out there but I honestly thought it worked for them. Both run a floral shop so it was easy for them to switch careers, and it just seemed like the right thing for them to do, and I was eager to see how their switch would go.

I had a blast seeing how everything started to come together for each character. There were certain areas that could have come across as too predictable, but that didn’t bother me because it was so fun reading this. I loved the flower shop lingo, all the romantic entanglements, and the friendship that started to form between Sabrina and Addison. I read this book very quickly because it was so entertaining, and would highly recommend you add this to your reading list if you are a lover of chick lit!

5 stars

Reviewed for Reader’s Favorite

#BookReview: Happiness For Humans by P.Z. Reizin

happiness for humansAbout the Book

When Tom and Jen, two lonely people, are brought together by an intriguing email, they have no idea their mysterious benefactor is an artificial intelligence who has decided to play Cupid.

“You, Tom and Jen, don’t know one another-not yet-but I think you should.”

Jen, an ex-journalist who now works at a London software development company, spends all day talking to “Aiden,” an ultra- sophisticated piece of AI wizardry, helping him sound and act more human. But Aiden soon discovers he’s no longer acting and-despite being a computer program-begins to feel something like affection surging through his circuits. He calculates that Jen needs a worthy human partner (in complete contrast to her no goodnik ex boyfriend) and slips illicitly onto the Internet to locate a suitable candidate.

Tom is a divorced, former London ad-man who has moved to Connecticut to escape the grind and pursue his dream of being a writer. He loves his new life, but has yet to find a woman he truly connects with. That all changes when a bizarre introduction from the mysterious “Mutual Friend” pops up in both his and Jen’s inboxes.

Even though they live on separate continents, and despite the entrance of another, this time wholly hostile, AI who wants to tear them apart forever – love will surely find a way.

Won’t it?

A thoroughly modern love story that will appeal to fans of The Rosie Project and Sleepless in Seattle, Happiness for Humans considers what exactly makes people fall in love. And whether it’s possible for a very artificially intelligent machine to discover the true secret of real human happiness.

My Review

The premise for this novel sounded intriguing to me, yet out of my comfort zone. I thought when reading the last paragraph of the synopsis that it wouldn’t be too far out there that I couldn’t find common ground, so I agreed to give it a shot. Unfortunately, my fear of not being able to connect was pretty easy to realize fairly early on. I did really enjoy the first handful of chapters, and I was really interested in the idea behind the AI’s and how they interacted with humans. But before the halfway point, I couldn’t keep up any longer. I don’t think we were a great fit genre wise but I really wanted to give this one a shot but it just wasn’t for me. Still interesting and still will definitely suit a lot of readers, just not this one.

3 stars

I received a review copy

Product Review: Wally’s Natural Ear Candles

When I was contacted by Wally’s Natural to review their ear candles, you might be surprised that my first thought was OMG YES. Fun fact about me – I have waxy ears. Always. As a child and into my teen years, I would actually have to go to the doctor to have them stick a contraption in my ear to flush the wax out while I held a little bowl against my head that would catch the debris. I once asked the doctor if it was because I have large ears (in my opinion, and they stick out – again, in my opinion) and he assured me the size of my ears had nothing to do with the wax build up. Cool.

Flash forward to my adult years, and I still have ear issues. I have gotten at home ear wax removal kits on and off for years, so you can imagine my curiosity to look up ear candles and see what the heck this process was. I took to Google and according to the dictionary, ear candling is:

wallsya form of alternative therapy in which the tapered end of an ear candle is placed in a person’s ear while the other end of the candle is lit, in the belief that earwax and other impurities are drawn out of the ear canal by a partial vacuum created by the candle flame.

Ah. Put a lit candle into my ear, you say? Well, sign me up. When my ear candles arrived, I laid on my couch with a towel covering my face and hair, and my husband lit the candle and put the other end in my ear. And we waited. And we waited. Every so often he would trim the flame in the bowl of water we had nearby, and once it had about six inches left, we extinguished the flame. Mitch asked if I felt any different – nope. I felt no magical sensations of wax leaving my ear during the process, so I had my doubts. Then we opened the ear candle and – GROSS. I will not share the photo here because it even creeps me out and it’s my own ear wax. There was a lot of exclaiming, and then I happily laid down for the second ear. Same result. Then I turned the tables on my husband and stuck a lit candle in his ear – but he was actually now pretty excited for it after seeing my results. His ears – waxy. But nothing came close to your girl here. Neither of us were shocked. Nor was my mother.

But overall, I do believe the ear candles worked and pulled wax out of my ears. It was disgusting to see the results, yet satisfying at the same time. I can’t say I found the experience relaxing, because there was a lit candle near my head the entire time. I was even more on edge doing it for my husband, afraid I was going to light him or the couch on fire. But if you have twenty minutes or so and have been curious about the process, I would recommend. I would like to do this again myself, given my ear problems, because I think it did help me. It’s been almost three weeks since we tried it, and just now I started noticing wax build up and irritation in my ears again. I will take a few minutes of being terrified I’m going to light on fire in exchange for pain free ears for weeks at a time. But I would love to know if you’ve ever tried ear candling or would you be open to it? Thank you to Wally’s Natural for letting me test out this product, and this blog post is not sponsored 🙂

Wally’s Natural: https://www.wallysnatural.com/ear-care-19/ear-candles.html