#BookReview: Sunset Reads: William & Cristina (Sunset Reads #1) by D.C. Triana

Reviewer: Leah

I received a review copy

sunset readsSummary:

Within the doors of Sunset Reads William Jameson has come home to take over his mother’s New York publishing house after her death. He’s ready to turn things around when an electrifying encounter with the company’s sexy bestselling author makes him change his priorities to more sensual plans. While his cruel stepfather has decided he wants control of the company, William tries to remain focused as images of soft brown eyes and sensual lips continue to keep him up at night.

Cristina Cruz suddenly finds herself with part ownership of Sunset Reads. Not only has the previous owner left her with part of the publishing house, but also at the mercy of her son William, the company’s handsome new CEO, who seems to be determined to drive her crazy. Not only is he annoyingly attractive, but his alluring blue eyes continue to send shivers down her spine. Working side by side with him becomes all the more torturous as his enticing looks and their heated encounters send her senses reeling.


Since the death of her mentor and surrogate mother and having been publicly dumped by her boyfriend; romance novelist Cristina Cruz has had a hard time writing a new book. Romance is hard to imagine when your life feels bleaker than bleak. To add to her pain and frustration, the new owner of Sunset Reads, the publishing company , and son of her mentor, William Jameson, is back in New York City and trying to completely makeover the company from top to bottom. This includes in demanding a new novel from Cristina, no matter what. Cristina cannot believe that his mother ever thought they were meant to be. With all this drama and pan it appears the only thing she has to look forward to is a an attractive blind date  set up by one of her best friends.

William Jameson has not had the easiest life. Seeing his mother throwing her life into turmoil when she married an abusive man, Christopher. After spending years of being emotionally and physically abused by the man, he left home. At first joining the military, later achieving his business degree in England, and even having a short stint as a novelist under a pseudynym. Now he is back in New York for good and eager to take over his mother’s company, revolutionize it, and carry on her legacy. He clashes with many of the employees and writers; none as bad with Cristina Cruz; as he prepares to march the company into the modern world. He hasn’t really been in a relationship since the death of his fiancé, but is interested in this blind date his neighbor is setting him up with.

As both are shocked to find themselves with each other; Cristina decides that she will do all she can to avoid the man as much as possible; while William is just as determined ti pursue her. But whatever each other’s feelings are, they soon find put that they are going to be tied in ways they never would have expected. William’s mother set up a very tricky will in order to cut out her ex-husband that provided the start up capitol and owns a percentage of the company. William and Cristina are both major owners in the company; causing the two to spend a lot of time together in reinventing Sunset Reads. But the most interesting clause of the will, is that if William was to have a child all of the stock that William’s ex-stepfather was given would revert to that child. Christopher is enraged when he discovers all the paticukars and is set out to destroy William, the company, and whoever stands in his way. William finds himself making some hard choices. Should he persue Cristina subsequently endangering her life? And if he does persue her will she Cristina only think it is in the intrest to procreate and cut out his ex-stepfather? Or should he give up in his pursuit and allow the woman he loves to live a safe life with another man?

I have to admit this book really surprised me. At first I thought it was just going to be another clichéd romance novel that would be boring in it’s predictability. Instead I found myself enjoying the way the author D.C. Triana wrote these characters; their traits a comfortable familiar rather than feeling as if something that has been overdone.

I also really enjoyed reading about the other side of writing; instead of just looking at those that create we were able to get a glimpse into the publishing world. As one who knows very little about the path a novel takes from written idea to being out in stores; I thought it was fascinating the information presented in this novel.

I also enjoyed the suspenseful aspects of this novel. From reading the description I never thought that it would take such a mysterious and thrilling turn as William and Cristina find themselves threatened and having to outwit a cunning adversary. It made it rather hard to stop reading as the reader becomes entangled in trying to find out if they will overcome such a ruthless person.

I’d have to give this book a four out of five stars to reward its interesting characters, different perspectives, and the ability to surprise the reader.

4 stars

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