#BookReview: Driving Me Wild by Maria Benson and AL Ford

Reviewer: Samantha

I received a review copy


In a dating scene full of well-educated, ambitious and attractive players, is the “terminally single” woman her own worst enemy?

That’s the accusation hurled at Aimee Chase, a young Chicago sports marketing executive who finds herself confronted with professions of love from Michael Blake, a handsome but bland high school classmate. When Aimee tries but fails to let him down easy, habitually nice Michael hits below the belt, implying she’s too damaged to appreciate a good man. Check, please: An insulted Aimee showers Michael in her glass of sweet-but-smoky Merlot.

Truth is, Michael’s accusations drew blood. With a romantic history littered with cheaters and bad boys–including a married one with a very big job who is still in her life–Aimee fears that she has sabotaged her chances of ever finding the right guy. Months later, as her career implodes and she finds herself enveloped in a high-profile scandal, she’s not sure what to think when a suddenly captivating Michael reappears.

Thrilled to find that this “safe” guy now makes her weak in the knees, Aimee ultimately has her ecstasy interrupted by the revelation that Michael has transformed into a promiscuous, cold-hearted pick-up artist he thinks women like Aimee want. When he’s caught with related baggage but declares his fidelity, should Aimee toss aside a promising relationship, or just accept that “it’s complicated?”


This book was an interesting read for me because the beginning really had me intrigued. I loved the opening scenes, I enjoyed the dual POV between Aimee and Michael, and happily found myself reading away. About 30% in my interest started to wane. It was becoming a little too repetitive and slow for me. I continued to read on, and I am glad I did. The ending once again picked up speed for me and had me invested, especially the last 4 chapters or so. I’m a bit disappointed the middle chunk couldn’t hold its own, but I enjoyed some of the plot twists thrown our way and am glad I read until the end.

3 stars

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