#BookReview: Charlotte’s Restrained: The Accidental Stalker (The Accidental Series Book 1) by Celia Kennedy

Reviewer: Annie

Charlotte's RestrainedI received a review copy

I cannot contain my excitement over Celia Kennedy and her gifted story-telling!  So, let me tell you this is a five Star Plus book, right now.  I find it hard to believe that she just began her writing career, and I am so pleased to be here at the beginning with her.

I am officially declaring that I absolutely adore Celia Kennedy!!  She does it again, with Charlotte’s Restrained!!!  I believe this is just the beginning of many wonderful stories that she has to tell.  I read her first book, “Venus Rising”, and was in love with it.  This book is even better, if possible.  And, the fact that this is the first book in a series, with the next coming available at the end of this month…I am in stitches with anticipation to read all about Kathleen’s adventures in that book! (The next book is called “Kathleen’s Undressed”..book review to arrive here at CLP soon, thank you Samantha!)

If Celia Kennedy begins a Fan Club, I will gladly be President!

Charlotte is a magnificently lovable woman, living in NYC and trotting the globe from London, to Dublin and the South of France.  Celia introduces us to a wonderful group of women that anyone of us would love to be friends with.  There are dates; nights out on the town, shopping sprees, celebrations…and boyfriends…..I especially love the Irish boyfriend, Liam from Dublin.  I mean, he had me at hello.

It begins with the girls all meeting up for a much needed vacation in France.  This is where meet up with some major issues; from Charlotte meeting Des Bannerman (an actor that she has swooned over since he first appeared in movies)…to them being stalked by paparazzi, to Des getting a Restraining Order taken out against Charlotte.  It was quite the eventful vacation.   It was so much fun to read.  I can totally see this becoming a movie.  Celia truly brought everything to life.  I enjoyed the ending of her chapters…..she has a gift to say so much in just one simple sentence.

But, the madness does not stop there.  The book gets better with each turn of the page, and I hated that it ended.  Sometimes you can get so wrapped up in a book, and the characters that you hate to see it end…this is definitely such a book!

As I anxiously await reading Celia Kennedy’s next novel, I highly suggest you catch up with me!  These adventures should not be missed!

5 Stars

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